An Exhibition of Colour and Form

I would be delighted to invite you to come to a show of frescoes, drawings and sculpture being held at the Royal Geographical Society from 6-19 December from 10am – 5pm. We really hope to see you there…

“So sensual and surprising are her fresco sculptures that you can’t help but run your fingers along their smooth and richly coloured surfaces. They have the lovely patina of ancient sculptures touched by many hands – while remaining absolutely contemporary.”

"One of the greatest colourists of her generation."
Eduardo Paolozzi

"Dineen is faithful to the building process but lets her imagination loose on the topmost layers, sometimes weathering them, or using brash artificial colours. Seen en masse, her frescos are breathtaking. Mainly round or square, they are heavy sculptures, with a worn organic feel as if caressed by decades of restless hands. There is a series of exuberant phallic sculptures based on linghams worshipped in Indian temples, lusciously red and green, and there is more than a hint of the female and the erotic in them."
The Guardian

"It’s as if Dineen has fashioned a slab of polished marble out of nothing, the surface is smooth with immense tactile appeal, and into it she incorporates the luminous colours of India. The supple surfaces, the skins and the textures, are the artistic realities of her work."
The Times