Dineen has been invited on various occasions over the years to take part in, and give interviews for Radio, about her work.  Here is a selection of excerpts from recordings with the BBC of these interviews and contributions.

Front Row Interview with Muirne Kate Dineen

Interview with Kirsty Lang from Front Row on BBC radio 4. The interview took place in Dineens studio in south london, where Lang wanted to discover more about what was driving Dineens work.

Lang meets Muirne Kate Dineen, the only woman in the world to have mastered the ancient art of ‘araash,’ or – as it’s known in English – Indian fresco painting. In her studio, Kate demonstrates the working process, which requires hard, physical labour, and tells Kirsty that this is the only way to create the depth of colour for which she strives.

BBC Radio Night Waves

Dineen was invited by BBC Radio 3 to comment on the new retrospective exhibition of Mark Rothko at Tate Modern gallery, and also to articulate in what way Rothko may have influenced her own work as a visual Artist very bound up with the use of colour.

Two other artists, one a poet and one a musician were also invited to comment on the Rothko Retrospective with their own particular experience of his work.

Womans Hour BBC Radio 4

Interview with henrietta Otley from Womans Hour BBC Radio 4 which takes place in Dineens London Studio.

Muirne Kate Dineen is a British artist who has become heir to the ancient Indian art of araash.
It’s a style of Jaipuri fresco painting consisting of bold slabs of colour with abstract patterns running through them.
The painstakingly laborious process of combining layers of marble dust with slaked lime has all but died out in India, but Muirne Kate has single handedly brought the technique over to the West and given it a contemporary edge.
She learnt the craft during years of study with her teacher in India, Garsilal Varma.
Henrietta Otley went to her South London studio to see her work, pigments and tools.